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Fashionable Wedding dress in 2014

According to designers, wedding dress 2014 year should express the purity, romance and fragility of a young bride. It is this concept was the basis of wedding dresses 2014. Of course, the classic white dress remains unrivalled. But, this season, designers offer a look at the bride’s attire from a different angle. Easy asymmetry, lace, frills and new colours – these are the main components of the wedding industry in 2014.

Dresses and mini flowers against the royal trails


Classic silhouettes in the style of “Princess”, a lush dresses in the form of cakes, assembly and ruffles on skirts, dresses, flowers, ribbons and mini – this is not a complete list of styles of wedding dresses coming year. How do without the traditional lush hem and a corset that turn into a beautiful princess bride? This outfit is always relevant. However, designers have tried to make this image a highlight in the form of a complex system of folds so that the dress becomes like a cream cake. A multi-layered asymmetrically located frills of silk create an easy and gentle way. Particularly relevant in this year will dress decorated with fabric flowers. But, a tiny addition to the well, and in the form of a huge flower, which is made corset, bodice or skirt. Back in fashion and luxury ribbons mermaid tails. These outfits do not only emphasize the dignity of the figure, but also give the bride aristocratic look. Stylish dress in white lace pencil with skirt to the floor, creating a romantic and gentle way. A small, popular in the 50′s and 60′s of the last century, can be an excellent option for relaxed and graceful person.

New colors and luxurious decorations


The most daring designers offer a step away from tradition and go to the wedding in a bright dress. Especially the actual colours for wedding dresses this year – steel gray, olive green, interpretation, silver, gold, red and even dark blue. This is not surprising, because the coming year will be held under the auspices of a blue wooden horse. But the return of lace wedding dresses surprise. Moreover, the material designers propose to use not only as inserts for decoration accessories. Body-hugging lace dress with a skirt to the floor – the main trend this season. And the lace can be not only a crisp white. The colours scheme of the wedding dresses of the coming year glittering with gold and silver, and even black, it would seem, is not topical for this celebration, began to conquer the hearts of today’s. Large flowers and frills, flounces and ruffles large, asymmetrical hems and sleeves, lace inserts adorn the wedding dresses in 2014. Popular Wedding Collection brands are able to cater to absolutely all the girls who are going to tie the knot.







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